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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to the city can call home for another four years, the president clearly relieved. but the burden is so large it could not be ignored even in victory. >> i believe we can see this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we are forever the united states of america and -- of america. >> the president called leaders from both parties this morning, talking about legislative x's and o's, the fiscal cliff where tax raises and spending cut could collide. >> mr. president, this is your moment and we're ready to be led. >> i am willing to discuss any issue. >> as mitt romney left bos a more difficult challenge perhaps then winning the white house. even republican elders say their party has big problems. >> inclusion is when you're in
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the meeting, which it inherently changes the tone of the meeting. >> congress reconvenes on tuesday and it will have to act faster on those financial issues we keep talking about. the landscape -- not drastically different. republicans will have to a poll done to the house, democrats the senate. there will be some changes in d.c. as the president will likely make announcements of new cabinet members over the coming weeks. >> scott, thank you. long lines at polling places yesterday. however turnout appears to be lower than it was four years ago. the associated press reports 14 million fewer people showed up to voted to four years ago. virginia, without releasing specifics, indicated that yesterday's turnout there was historic.he election is over, the results are not complete in
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florida. as of this morning, election officials in miami-dade county of 1000 pages of votes to count. lines extended well into the night and after the president was projected to win come up vote counters went home to get sleep. >> the nation is headed toward the so-called fiscal cliff sequestration. if it goes over the edge, congress predicts at plunge into another deep recession. steven is getting reaction. >> keep in mind, some experts believe more than 20% of the mandated spending cuts will be implemented here in the d.c. region. >> if we go off the fiscal cliff, the metro area will slam into sequestration mandatory massive cuts in military and civilian spending.
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this contractor for a livelihood could be on the chopping block. >> it will affect my job and by business. >> another advocate for sequestration -- tax increases. >> any increase in taxes will make it more difficult to pay mortgage, take care of the family. >> the metro area will feel the sting from the fall off the fiscal cliff more than any other part of the country since the lion's share of spending cuts will be enacted here. >> it will cost of about 60,000 federal jobs right out the top. >> this economist says the reduction in spending will spread across the local economy. >> subcontractors, suppliers vendors, all the supply chain business which is important to northern virginia and suburban maryland is beginning to erode. >> greg is hopeful that congress and the white house will forge a
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budget deal. >> i think they will eventually prevail. they will be experiencing it along with their families, too. >> there are a economists to do say that it is like getting a set of six back absurd via a starvation diet. >> thank you, stephen. president obama's re-election brought celebrations around the globe. in kenya, they began dancing and singing when media outlets projected mr obama's win. and americans expatriates' in france tears at the news of the president's second term. -- cheered at the news of the president for a second term. many of these newspapers are on display of such a museum
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tonight. 60-some pages will be on display through tomorrow night. >> questions 6, a holding governor martin o'malley's law to allow same-sex couples to wed in the state question 7, to allow the expansion of gambling. officials say that will create thousands of new jobs and keep gaming revenue in the state of maryland. >> it will be a resort that can bring in an additional $200 million to the state and $40 million to prince george's county. that is a good thing for all of us. >> maryland voters also passed the dream act which grants in- state tuition rates to children of undocumented and mint -- undocumented immigrants. >> click on the bar at the top of our home page to get county
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by county results as well as a map of electoral votes and community breakdowns of the maryland ballot questions. >> still to come -- we will have a look at the closing numbers on wall street and explain why it happened. >> an explosive turnout of support. we will have that story, coming up. >> and we have the very latest on the nor'easter moving up the coast. the forecast is straight ahead.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, doug hill. this is abc 7 -- on your side. >> there were a lot of factors -- and worries about the fiscal cliff, worries about the downgrade ongoing worries about your's weakening economy peeping at the end of the day, the dow was down 312, more than 2%, selling below 13,000 for the first time since early august. >> at&t mistakenly forced smartphone users into data
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plans. the required new smartphone users to purchase a data plan but that did not apply to subscribers who replaced a lost or broken bones were moved. at&t has been fined by the federal government and the company will offer refunds to its customers. >> with a storm during in on the middle east. united and american says -- with the storm closing in on the northeast, united and american have shut down flights. other airlines are asking passengers to reschedule affected flights and are waiting usual change fees. >> up next it's a clock -- local schools -- up next, local schools help victims of hurricane sandy. >> we will have the forecast after the break. >> d.c. united battles the
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rebels again tonight in new jersey. and the wizards are in boston. and oh, boy, did maryland basketball get a favorable ruling by the --
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>> the anticipated nor'easter has begun for people in new jersey, new york, and new england. and how. look at. schools closed early. stores started stocking up on supplies. crews are still cleaning up and are bracing for more damage and of course more power outages. a local school is undertaking a major effort to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> schools and arlington have gathered items to -- school in arlington have gathered some items they needed to rent a tractor-trailer to deliver them all. >> what she saw this weekend it
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was painful. staten island is a disaster. >> it is amazing. it is wonderful. >> it is what happens when it friends and neighbors talk and you mix in social media. >> you have got to do something. >> thank you for what you did. >> jennifer says it started because her 6-year-old daughter urge her to do something when they were watching the relief concert for the hurricane sandy victims. a simple e-mail with viral. they were provided with a truck and the driver to get the supplies to new york. >> we did not do this. this is what the people in this area turned it into. >> bag after bag car after car. donations poured in all morning.
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>> we have come to help out. >> he would be one of the guys driving that truck. he was in joplin, missouri during that terrible tornado. >> to see the faces. it touches you in your heart. >> a second semi is on standby. by the way, some of the supplies could be delivered as early as tonight. abc7 news. >> thank you. >> good story. >> what is the story around here? we do not like to see snow. >> winter is coming, so get used to it. there could be of little rain maybe a touch of sleet. nothing like what is happening up the shore. let's look as super doppler 7 radar. it looks like there's a fair amount of rain here. we see west of the chesapeake bay -- there are some patches of rain, maybe even sleep on the
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eastern shore. we are on the fringes of this sort -- maybe even sleet on the eastern shore. we are on the fringes of this sort of thing. it is a chilly, damp evening with a little precipitation. the radar shows a lot of rain up and down the coast. nasty weather along the beach and the south and west to see what i was talking about, being on the fringes. that nor'easter will be out of here. this is that the ethical culture fields then -- ethical culture fieldston school. they let us have a camera there. it is like a white out. temperatures will start to fall. not that cold. these numbers are well below average. we are averaging between eight
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and nine degrees below average for the first seven days of the month so far. we will see a warm up, and maybe even be above average for the weekend. we may see a snowflake or two rain overnight. a little breeze. bundle up on the morning. -- in the morning. remember with sandy, most of the winds were of the east and north east? that modified the air and moved it across the ocean. tonight, the wind is out of the north. in ocean city, it is only 35 degrees. it is that push of wind. we will see milder temperatures to the west. it is chilly now. near the edge of your screen, you are seeing some brighter colors. so in our futurecast, the storm moves up, skies clear tomorrow. it will be breezy and cool and the warming trend again as we
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head into the day on friday. clear and cold in the morning. temperatures above 50 in the afternoon, and check this out. sunshine in the forecast. 63 on seven -- 63 on saturday. 65 on sunday and monday. tuesday could bring scattered showers. in nice change to milder temperatures after the chill. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> maryland basketball tonight. >> this is a good time for maryland. the maryland basketball team opens the season friday night third ranked against kentucky. you were close. the sophomore started 32 games for a savior last season and has been cleared to play. -- for a xavier last season and
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has been cleared to play. he was expelled after the sexual assault accusations scandal. prosecutors even urged it to save your -- xavier to revisit the decision. >> there were a lot of people crying this morning. just a lot of work, a lot of things that kid went through. is pretty emotional right now. we want to protect and to dead. he is going to be -- it is pretty emotional right now. we want to protect him today. he is going to be around awhile. >> d.c. united goes against the be rebels deny. nasty weather predicted in harrisonburg, new jersey. britt as the very latest. >> kicking off the, after the storm, the most important game
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of the season following one of the craziest. >> dc games are pretty crazy. it seems like everyone has a new wrinkle, a new controversy. >> both teams scored goals but the biggest surprise was in the 71st minute, when the united player was flat for a penalty. he was given a red card, suspending him for the rest of the series. >> he is young. that is something i think he will remember for the rest of his career. >> the head coach told me that another player is unlikely to see the field tonight. he says he is extremely proud and especially pleased with the 12th man. >> it was unbelievable. the atmosphere was just like old times. >> he is hoping the fans travel north to paris and new jersey
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for -- to harrison, new jersey for the match. >> we have to go up there and get a result. >> abc7 sports. >> the wizard's play the celtics tonight. that will be in boston. these clubs know each other pretty well. this is the second game in five days. to be brutally honest, with john wall out and made a out with a bad foot, the wizards have struggled to score. that is like going bear hunting with the stick when you go against the celtics. the former texas tech coach daryl royal -- he never had a losing center -- losing season.
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>> coming up tonight and all of the clock, we go behind one of the hottest shows "nash bill." we go one-on-one with the hottest star. that is at 11:00, right after " nashville." >> rare variety in the weather this weekend, it seems. >> it was. let's start with the morning. generally clearing skies overnight. it will be nice in the morning but chilly. look at the warming trend. sunshine for friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. eventually we will be in the middle 60's. bob ryan will join you at 11:00 with a lot more. >> the news is next. we will have more on the president's re-election. >> have a good evening.
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